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The Stephen Spielberg Jewish Film Archive is the largest collection of Jewish documentary films in the world. The archive stores over 18,000 titles from different periods of history, from the time of the Ottoman Empire to this day. The archive contains titles in almost every visual format; this includes film, different types of video and digital files.

Amongst our various materials one can find rare documentation of Polish Jews on the eve of the second world war, the well-known film showing the foundation of the state of Israel and touching moments of Jews immigrating to Israel at throughout filmed history.

The films are preserved using a sophisticated climate control system and we are hard at work actively preserving the films. We also strive to make the films accessible by using digitation and uploading them onto the internet.

Our film collection is not only a beautiful and comprehensive reflection of the history of the Jewish people during the 20th century. It is also a sketch of the Jewish peoples soul as it was perceived through the camera lens.

Use of the archive’s material entails a fee. Below is the archive’s price list

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