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Gerda Steinitz Frieberg

Gerda Steinitz Frieberg of Toronto, Canada, has generously donated funds to the Spielberg Archive for the transfer of an important film collection to videotape. In 1997 the Archive received nearly 400 films about the Holocaust from the Ghetto Fighters' House, one of Israel's major Holocaust research centers. The films were transferred to beta video for the Museum for use in their educational programming.

Mrs. Frieberg was born in Upper Silesia. She was deported to a ghetto in Poland in 1940 and sent to a concentration camp in April 1942. The camp was liberated by the Soviet Army in May 1945 and she then went to a displaced persons camp in Germany. Mrs. Freiberg now resides in Toronto and since 1962 she has dedicated herself to Holocaust education. She has been sought as a keynote speaker for Holocaust Memorial Day and other Holocaust events across Canada, the United States and Germany.

Among the many positions Mrs. Frieberg has held are the following: President of the Jewish Holocaust Survivors of Canada, and Chair of the Founding Committee of the Toronto Holocaust Education and Memorial Center.

Mrs. Frieberg has been the recipient of many awards including the Governor General's 125th Anniversary of Confederation Commemorative Medal, the Government of Canada Award recognizing Holocaust Survivors for their contribution to Canada, and B'nai Brith Woman of the Year, 1992.