Table of Contents

How to Use Guide

Clicking Catalog on the right menu will send user to the Archive's classic catalog.

You may search by typing a word according to the field marked in Select Search Option (e.g. title or author).  

For advanced searching, press Advanced on the catalog's  top menu.

Fill in keywords in search boxes.             

You may specify your search by choosing a certain  field in the Search Options boxes.

Click on Search.

The numbers in blue on the left represent the number of records in which the specified words appear – either in single or as a combination of them.

Choose the relevant number (of a single word or a combination of them).

A list of records with basic information will appear.

Clicking the number in the blue square on the left will open the full record.

Several hundreds of the films are accessible online on the Spielberg  Archive's Youtube channel. You may reach them by clicking the  View the film link in the full record.